Currently TXing
Time (Asia/Hong_Kong) Mode Callsign Name Talker Alias DSTAR-ID Target Source TX-Time
System Info
Disk Use
File System Mount Point Use Free Used Total
/dev/mmcblk1p2 /
3.07 GB 2.63 GB 5.72 GB
/dev/mmcblk1p1 /boot
416.02 MB 71.7 MB 487.73 MB
/dev/zram0 /var/log
40.79 MB 4.13 MB 48.42 MB
Repeater Info
Current Mode YSF linked to DMR TS1 last linked to DMR TS2 last linked to
Location TX-Freq. RX-Freq. YSFGateway DMR CC DMR-Master TS1 TS2
LINYI439.500000 MHz429.500000 (BrandMeister) enabled enabled
Enabled Modes
DMR DMR Network D-Star D-Star Network System Fusion System Fusion Network P25 P25 Network NXDN NXDN Network POCSAG POCSAG Network
Last Heard List of today's 1 callsigns. Cached (1/176642)
Time (Asia/Hong_Kong) Mode Callsign Name DSTAR-ID Target Source Dur (s) Loss BER
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